Telling Stories is a series of ten weeks of liturgical art I created in 2008 illustrating well-known stories from Exodus. The art was in collaboration with Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler during our tenure at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

Although far from technically perfect, the pieces surprised a lot of our congregation members, including the midwives who actually rocked their babies and the last week’s experience of gathering manna from heaven. But most of all, how the images brought the text to life. I also benefited from the profound impact of living with these stories over the last ten weeks. The experience certainly confirms my long standing belief of getting in touch with your creativity allows you, in fact, to get in touch with God.

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7/31/2008 – Week 1 and 2 Inspiration

8/01/2008 – The Easy Way Out

8/11/2008 – Week 3: Coat of Many Colors

8/15/2008 – Week 4: Flaked Out

8/25/2008 – Week 5: Five Women of Exodus

8/27/2008 – Week 6 in Process: My huge mess

9/01/2008 – The Burning Bush in Full Glory

9/03/2008 – Burning Bush in Progress

9/08/2008 – Passover Door Updates

9/09/2008 – Henry’s Moses Figure

9/10/2008 – Me and Moses (The best set up of the Red Sea!)

9/15/2008 – Response to Moses

9/19/2008 – Milestone

10/01/2008 – Follow-Up on Week 9: Street Sense Baskets

10/04/2008 – Week 10: Water from the Rocks

10/05/2008 – Final recap and prayer during tenth installment

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