"Zero to zero" a la Mr. Pei

One of Mr. Pei’s favorite things to say is “Zero to zero.” When practicing Tai Chi, we should try to be round as possible – rounded shoulders, rounded space between our feet, fingers and even our armpits.

He also loves songs that start with an “O” – He frequently sings “Oh beautiful for spacious skies” or “Oh say can you see?”

Here is my zero to zero. I cut out four o’s from recycled paper and placed it on the water color paper. Using the pencil that Jackie gave me, I drew lots of tiny o’s side by side. The multi-color effect changes as I turn the pencil.I have been doodling these little o’s a lot lately.

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1 Comment

  1. Jess Lynd

    ahh mr. pei!

    lots of ยจ”0″ love to you both.

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