Where Have I Been?

still recovering from so much family fun

I honestly believed that once we finished our non-stop holiday travels, I would coast into a new year with ease. But it has been action packed. Today is my first day in 2007 that I don’t know exactly what I need to do at all times. Well, that is not true. I do need to finish reading 1000 White Women for book club tomorrow night. But I am completely flabbergasted by the fact that January is half way over! What happened?

Well, I spent last week in North Carolina. Most of that was spent putting together the latest issue of MerriMail. We had a few more technical difficulties than with our first issue. Regardless, I am really excited about our second issue, which should go out this week. Plus, Eris and I spent some time brainstorming for the spring and summer issues. I am so excited about our gifts and the topics we plan to write about.

I am very behind on my blogging. I have a list of items that I want to write about. Many of them are left over from Christmas, but there are some new and exciting ones, as well. My topic areas:
a sweet personalized gift
a 2007 calendar to decorate
our little fake tree
Memaw’s apron
The Lawson Murder update
Carl Weaver – photography
a portfolio for Henry
our Fox 8 News interview
our new apartment (from #23 to #24)
… and more!

I promise to be a more consistent blogger in 2007, now that I have completed most of my 2006 projects. Yeah!

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  1. Emmie

    well best wishes for your up coming issues… u must be pretty excited… i would love to drop by your blog again … u can too drop by My Blog sometimes … hope u will like it ….!!!

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