Where are Downtown DC’s playgrounds?

I found this map on Kaboom’s web site. if you haven’t heard of Kaboom, they are the Habitat of Humanity of playgrounds. And they are based right here in Washington, DC helping kids all over the country build playgrounds. Their mission states:

KaBOOM! is a non-profit that is working to ensure that every child has a great place to play within walking distance.

Great mission!

Well, you see that hole in the center of Downtown DC, also known as Penn Quarter? There are a lot of little toddlers, babies and future babies with no place they can one day walk to play. Actually the map is even more deceptive. When you look at what each of the letters represent, none of the places include a safe place for a toddler to run free.

A is Sasha and Malia’s playground. I doubt that we can just drop by for a slide.
B is Freedom Plaza, a great place to skateboard or protest.
C isn’t really within walking distance.
D is the National Mall, which is wide open, wielding and includes lots of adults playing as part of their sports league in the summertime.
E is a school playground.
J is the Verizon Center.
K is the National Portrait Gallery Ice Skating Rink. Not a great spot for those just attempting to walk or run.

P is the only play space from the White House east to north of New York Avenue. That is the National Building Museum, which is well-loved by tons of kids everyday. There is often a line and a thirty-minute time limit. Plus it is completely indoors. Parents from all over DC bring their kids here to play. Plus it is visited by kids from local day cares, which have limited outside space as well.

Sad state of play in our nation’s capital. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be for long. Until then, I think it might be time to buy Lucy a trike and take over Techworld. Anyone want to join me?

Learn more about the growing movement to create a play space in Downtown DC.

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