What to Do With Old Baby Gear



Do people look at your old diaper bag like it has the plague? Have you been trying to hand-me-down a high chair for way too long? Are you like me and just can’t bear to throw anything in the landfill?

Well, good news. Check out BabyEarth’s recycling program. You pay the shipping and receive $5 off their store in return. And there are tons of sweet items to replace that old bouncy seat that is depressing you.

According to BabyEarthRENEW,

The program is simple. If you’re done with your car seat, stroller or high chair, send it to us. We’ll make sure everything is properly disassembled and all usable parts are sent to accredited recycling centers. For example, fabrics will be shipped to developing countries, and metal, plastic and foam will be used for construction projects. In the spirit of renewing, if the item is in excellent condition it will be donated to and enjoyed by another family who needs it.

They accept:
Car Seats
High Chairs
Diaper Bags

And if you live in Austin, TX, you can drop it off for free.

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