What happened to my face?

You may have noticed that my face is missing on the right. Yes, I have too. My domain name registration expired. So it will take anywhere from three to 16 hours for it to be back up and running again.

So how did this happen? Well, I renewed it for a three-year term back in 2004. I no longer have a Mindspring email account and I have moved at least twice since then. Since I own at least eight other domain names through Webmasters.com, I totally thought that fortunehearts was covered there, too. Nope…

I know that the world is not going to come crumbling down with my web site unavailable. But it is a little frustrating. You know?

I have already forwarded the email from Network Solutions to my Gootodo.com to do list so that I won’t forget to forward the domain name to Webmasters. The registration is locked for 60 days. By then, I will have totally forgotten about where and when this happened. So it will be nice to have all of my little URLs tucked away into one place.

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