Welcome, Monday

Among other names, I often call Lucy funny face.

We had a great weekend with her grandparents. I went out with Shannon
et al to celebrate her birthday on Friday night. Then Saturday we
celebrated Kim and Dean’s baby-to-be at their baby shower, where I
became addicted to sesame-seed-covered almonds. And today Lucy had her
first Sunday in church. She loved the music, especially the piano. Too
bad my dad rushed out before coffee hour. We were ready to socialize a
little more.

Lucy loved hanging out with her grandparents. Apparently she really
talked to her poppy on Friday night. And Mom said she sang along with
her this morning. I guess it’s even better hearing her talk in person.

Last week Mom said that Shelby’s granddaughter called the office. She
couldn’t understand what the person was saying with her sweet little
voice. For a second, she thought it was Lucy. Until she finally
recognized, "I want to go to Mimi’s house." She put two and two
together. We have been kidding her ever since.

Tonight I called to check on their progress home. We were on
speakerphone, so that Lucy could chime in anytime. (I know I’m
starting a really bad habit.) Henry came into the room and tried to
say "Grandma" in a muffeled baby voice. Mom wasn’t getting it. So he
would repeat it over and over again. He sounded like a gremlin. At one
point he made a really loud attempt in Lucy’s ear. Her eyes almost
popped out of head and she threw both hands up as she jumped out of
her skin. She then proceeded to scream. It was hilarious. Ahhh… The
little things in life, like traumatizing your children.

We are looking forward to a great day beginning with sharing a cup of
coffee with Elise and Stephanie at the new Chinatown Coffee. Yum!

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