Week 32: Then and Now

I receive lots of requests to see pictures of my baby bump. I have failed to thoroughly document the swelling of my abdomen. If you had asked me if this would be the case even a year ago, I would totally have some art project in mind that would layer me getting bigger and bigger. Of course that would be sans any Demi Moore-ish nude-y pregnancy photos. (Let me tell you, nothing is more shocking than seeing her fully nude at the Annie Leibovitz talk when you are three months pregnant. I was horrified that my nipples would one day soon resemble enlarged hockey pucks.)

But my first trimester, I was a complete zombie, which is evident in the lack of blog entries from somewhere around October through December. And then earlier this year, I asked Henry to take a picture of my belly. He got one faint and fuzzy, which was really more focused on my elbow. What did the other options look like? I have no idea. He immediately deleted them. So what’s the point.

I decided last week, that at the end of my pregnancy, I would go through the pictures in which I have been tagged on Facebook and figure out the week. Easy blog entry. Granted I never upload pictures to Facebook, so this is would be a hodge-podge of different activities I have participated in over the past nine months. But I did receive some pictures this week from Jana’s shower this weekend that I thought would be a great Then and Now for all of you bursting at the seams.

Okay, so this is not a full body shot and my blouse is very blousey, but that’s why I thought it would be a good comparison shot. I can still wear this top and did this past Sunday. I wonder if people thought that I was pregnant with that puffy shirt.

I guess that technically I was pregnant, unbeknownst to be. Shannon asked me to be in her wedding this very day. I believe that all of Shannon and Will’s love bubbles in the air got those cells dividing and multiplying. Shannon was getting married, so I guess it was time for me to have a baby.

Here I am this past Sunday at 31.5 weeks. Granted another half body shot, but you can see the top of my belly. If you are wondering what I am doing, I am thinking about how to best decorate a sugar cookie wedding dress. Yes, this is my thinking face. Cindy and Elise are hard at work. I know I want to do monochromatic or add a black trim, since that is what Jana is wearing. However, I kept it simple with white sugar crystals. Plus I ran out of time. I had to run to the bathroom before I could start decorating.

A seated shot…

And here is a fully body shot. I think for the most part, I just look wide. But there you have it, folks. And no, I did not win the contest. Sasha did with a great monochromatic dress. Although she created an intricate lace pattern in her skirt. Lovely! I was impressed.

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