wedding bells and bass

We had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend mainly filled with Meredith and Nevin’s two weddings.

The Christian ceremony was held on Friday at Red Bank Missionary Baptist Church in Germanton.

On Saturday we drove to Durham for the Hindu wedding, which was held at the Durham Marriott. We were excited that Pundit Pravin Shukla, the priest, explained each step of the wedding ceremony to those of us who were new to the traditions. He was an excellent officiant with a great sense of humor and graciousness. The ceremony and traditions were quite beautiful and amazing.

The festivities lasted for 12 hours – from 1 pm to 1 am. That is the only explanation I have for some of the drunken shots at the end of the night.

I know that a lot of my photos are blurry, but I am really hoping to see a copy of the DVD once it is finished. They had serious photo equipment capturing everything. My small Coolpix cannot compete with the eight-foot tripod on wheels.

I have lots of videos that I need to upload to YouTube. I will let you know once I do. That is where the bass comes in.

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  1. the Rab

    i love these pics. i was actually watching them stream into flickr as you were uploading them… it was funny. i couldn’t chat with you though, b/c you weren’t on gmail. if you leave your gmail window open, you can chat with people without installing anything. it’s rad.

    i’ve favorited several of your pics. i love the henna tatoos that Meredith wore. very beautiful.

    well, K & i are off to Playa Del Carmen on Wednesday for 7 nights. i should have some awesome pics to post when i get back. stay tuned.

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