Voting has closed

Voting has closed

I was going to encourage you to vote for Sarah’s new baby name, affectionately known as BD2. But the polls are closed.

The above photo shows Henry’s diagram of just what the David’s were thinking in the name options. All of those circles and squares only helped eliminate one name. Crim. We are betting that one was thrown in to throw everyone off. But it sounds like Sarah and Eric are waiting to meet the little guy first. Which could be any day now. I’m hoping for tomorrow. How awesome would it be to celebrate your first birthday on 11/11/11. And is Veterans Day is always 11/11, making it a holiday every year. (This was updated from Columbus Day. I am embarrassed that I made that mistake, but after you read about my recent dreams you may understand my current mental state.)

I did dream earlier this week that Sarah had packed a number (like sixty) of suitcases, which she had created for Jed. They looked like whales in my dream, but now that I’m awake, I’m certain they were a cross between this Skip Hop owl backpack recreated on the front of my suitcase in a style similar to Elise’s Thanksgiving invitations. My dreams were long and detailed that night. And exhausting. Whew! They also featured Corey, her kids, Karen, Oprah, Bob Dylan, little old women from Chinatown, and Sasha and Malia Obama. And a plot that involved car seats and the police. I wrote it down and it took almost two pages in my journal. I wonder what I ate for dinner the night before.

So what’s Sarah having for dinner tonight! Will it get the party started? I guess 11/12/10 would be a pretty cool birthday, too. Three on 11/12/13? Regardless if it is now or later, good luck!

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