update from Henry in Rwanda

I just received an email from Henry. I thought that I would share his update.

Amani, my host from the Embassy, took me over to the genocide memorial, and then the driver and I went over to La Gallete, a German grill and bakery, for something to eat. I had a steak and fries so I have not had any African food yet.

The memorial was amazing. One of the more powerful exhibits was a chamber that displayed clothes and other belongings that were found in mass graves. A Superman bedsheet was displayed in one case. I thought about the travels of that sheet: it probably belonged to a little boy in the US; his mother gave it away when he outgrew comic books; then it wound up in Rwanda, as a curtain, sheet or maybe a baby wrap; then in a mass grave with thousands of bodies; and now, up in a museum as a
reminder of the individual life of one of the million that died in the hundred days. The museum was up some really tough roads so I could not have gotten up there on my own. Later, when I was buying baked goods at the bakery, a woman was telling the driver how handsome I was and that she could tell from looking at my skin that I had only washed with hot water.

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