Unleashing the Beast

Unleashing the Beast

Bedtime has been a disaster since we returned from Thanksgiving in NC. So I’m trying something new today. Let’s say bedtime was very successful in NC, especially with the help of my mom. She slept in what was my bed with a fence on the side. We would read a few books and then lights out soon followed. It was painless. But once we returned to Lucy’s crib, she wasn’t easy to get in the bed. So this morning after she slept till almost 11 am, I decided to take the panel off her crib making it a toddler bed.

I have no idea if this will help. But every time she visits someone, Lucy climbs in their bed if it is accessible. This has always befuddled me. She seemed to have the same enthusiasm for her own bed this morning. But she wants me to get in the bed with her. Unfortunately we weigh too much together and I’m about three feet too long.

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  1. Danielle

    We switched fairly quickly from the converted crib toddler bed to a twin mattress on the floor (followed by a regular bed with a rail, which has now been converted to our bad-idea mini-bunk) for the reasons you mention. It was so difficult to lay with her. I think Violet’s was a bit bigger than Lucy’s, so it was possible, but certainly not comfortable. I was hesitant to switch her out of it too quickly, however, because she never tried to escape from the crib/bed. Good luck!

  2. Caroline (Author)

    I know! She has never tried to escape or climb over. But I only successfully reasoned with her one night to get in the bed on her own. I can’t take these late nights any longer.

  3. Jennifer

    Lucy is a big girl!!!!

  4. Kim

    So funny! I just posted about Amelia’s new bed. I will be interested to see how this goes.

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