Tummy time flip book

This is a test. I did not know that my phone could send more than one photo at a time. John Taylor told me about a web site that will allow you to upload multiple photos and blog Posterous. It sounds great. I think that I might try it, but I thought I should see if my email to Flickr can pull off the same trick.

These are some pictures from last week during tummy time. I’m pretty lax on tummy time because her neck is so strong. Part of that was from using the carrier so much. Or from keeping her upright because of her acid reflex. Or because we were never very protective of holding her head. She can stand with ease. Unfortunately her arms don’t hold her up very well. Maybe she will skip crawling.

Today is her seventeenth week birthday. My milk supply is low again. So it feels a lot like week seven. I’ll take week fifteen again. Unfortunately this all coincides with Arts on Foot. I’m hoping to be present part of the time. Each minute looks more unlikely. I guess she is showing me who’s the boss.

Update! Obviously this didn’t work. Sorry about all of the same posts, but now I know what happens. Looks like I will be trying out Posterous after all.

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