Transitioning to my Third Trimester

Transitioning to my Third Trimester

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks nesting. I think I might actually complete my list of tasks. I have a goal of completing them before Lent starts next Wednesday. But also, my third trimester begins on Monday!

Monday?!? That was very fast! I am super motivated to push through these last few projects because I remember how exhausted I was as soon as the third trimester hits. Doctors, books, mothers, grandmothers know what they are talking about. Today I read these humorous highlights from my first transition to the third trimester from four years ago. Which makes me realize how happy I am to not be chasing a cab around DC at this stage in my life!

Today I completed a lot of the tasks on my lists, but did not start either of my three final projects: finish the baby clothes to finish the nursery, hide our collection of family photos or clean up the studio after November’s Pyramid Atlantic show. Based on what time I fell asleep tonight I am a little worried that I am already in my third trimester and the due date is wrong.

Tonight we instituted a new much earlier bedtime with a generous allotment to time to read. I was happy to read, except I immediately fell asleep. I start adding in other words or essentially talk in my sleep. It is not a good thing. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything bad, but I am sure that it is fairly confusing for Lucy. Will I be able to stay past 7:30 for the next three months? Perhaps I should limit my night driving.

I have at least figured out what I have as far as baby wardrobe goes. Now if I can just move the huge pile of clothes to be sold/given away out of her room. Eventually it will come together. Our home decor FINALLY feels almost complete. I just need a couple of more rugs and to collect some art for our bare walls. It is all coming together nicely. I hope to take pictures of our sweet little house soon.

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