Tornado Traveling to Oz

So this is what scared me to death as a child.

I think that the video is the original. I’m speculating that the glowing murals are not.

We had a great time at the Land of Oz. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I was alone and got to take my time taking pictures as I walked through Oz. I took 250 pictures!

I hope to post a tour of my favorite pictures from Oz in the next week, but until then here is a video. I believe that I am completely cured of my childhood fear, because I did not have that anxious feeling when I entered the stairwell of Auntie Em’s basement. The ability to wander on your own was also a lot less frightening than when I was a child.

I remember that we were all hurried into the basement and we had to stand together as a crowd and watch the video. Plus the tornado was a lot louder! Then Dorothy opened the doors and we tumbled out. I remember that the props were jostled replicas to what was in the home upstairs. I haven’t studied the pictures that closely, but I believe the almost-mirrored precision is missing.

As you can see from this video, I just walked right through. Granted Autumn at Oz is more like an Open House than the original theme park, but I still loved it. You will also notice that I am using two devices when I was paused to take a picture with my real camera. No pictures from the basement and not the best in the house, but you will see that in an upcoming post.

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