Today’s Lunch brought to you by Superpowers


Wednesday is always laundry day. There is also a flood warning and they are servicing our garage door. That means if we wanted to drive anywhere, we couldn’t leave until 3. So today might be a bit of a challenge.

I have started listening to This American Life during our lunches. Today’s episode is Superpowers. Which reminded me of my superpowers that I drew a few years ago. My occupation has shifted a little since then. And as shows start to line up this fall, I am thinking about my upcoming art projects and which ones to share.

I realize that I have been pretty quiet on the blog recently. Part of that is I have been busy finishing up projects for other people. This week we start traveling A LOT. It seems we stick around in the summer and then begin a fall tour.

But the other reason is that Lucy wants the keyboard and mouse. I mean, she WANTS it. Temper tantrum, drop to her knees, arch her back and cry wants it. She is quite dramatic. I am trying to think of what superpowers I can pull out to work on the computer that isn’t in a DVD format. Today’s choice: lunch. She is eating quietly while I type. She seems to be losing interest in her pasta salad. Maybe time to cut an apple.

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  1. jennifer

    Wonder if she is thinking about her future Superpower?

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