Today’s book: Japenese screen folded laminated hinge

Okay, I forgot the exact title but it has been a very long day. There
are six panels on the back as well. I might add a couple of more
panels to the flaps to create a cover of some sort.

My teacher, Susan Joy Share, creates large versions of these, folds it
up and tucks it under her sleeve. Then she takes them on stage to
create a life-sized prop. I’m excited about creating a larger version.
This is what I’ve been saving those 8.5″ square chipboard for over the
last eleven years.

The bottom envelope is the future home of cicada wings, which are
everywhere. In fact, I just heard one give up the ghost on the
driveway. Apparently it was taken out by the car that just drove away.

I have another picture of the book folded up on view via Flickr.

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