To the Capitol

To the Capitol

I ran into these two tourists on my way back from Safeway on Tuesday. They were puffing cigarettes on the corner and looking for the Capitol. I pointed them in the right direction, but I wonder if they made it in their kitten heels. I’m going to guess they are Eastern European, so maybe they are laughing at us right now. Seems as if our record snowfall has crippled the city. I’m also guessing they are still here.

Good news – a chance for more snow on Monday.

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  1. Sarah

    NPR interviewed a tourist-on-the-street in DC yesterday… a woman from St. Petersburg. So maybe your tourists made it at least as far as the NPR microphone.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    You know I live about two blocks from NPR and they are traveling away from the offices. But it is the wrong day.

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