Thumb sucker and thoughts

Is this little guy going to be a thumb sucker? The verdict is still out. His mommy was!

I sucked my thumb until I was seven. I remember my Grandpa Merritt bribed me at Dottie’s wedding. We were standing on Dorothy’s lawn. Mom played the piano and my grandpa officiated the service. He promised me ten dollars. That night I cried all night long. It was terrible. But I survived.

At this point, I am not sure what to encourage. Some days I push the thumb. Some days I try pacifiers. But neither have really clicked. I don’t really want to be a mommy pacifier. On the other hand, I’m glad I didn’t have to go through weaning a pussy-pat or a thumb with Lucy.

The car rides have improved. For one thing, I’ve stopped going anywhere. Oliver is super happy when we go to pick up Lucy from school. He loves seeing the kids in the school and on the playground. And, most of all, he LOVES his big sister.

Since school has started, we have a nice new routine. This is our first full week when I didn’t have any morning appointments. Oliver falls asleep in his swing soon after Lucy leaves with her dad around 9. I have tried to shower and play landlord (this week’s most consuming tasks) by 11. Then I have dedicated the next hour to writing and working on my art. Then he wakes up and I eat lunch around 12:15. We usually sprint out of here around 12:50 for pre-school pickup.

Lucy has enjoyed spending a couple of hours on the playground after school. Oliver watches the kids and eventually takes a catnap in the Ergo. It has been great for our routine. She has made new friends and they get to run around. I feel way less guilty about letting her watch tv, which is all she wants to do at home anyway. We come home for a snack and tv break. Ideally Ollie naps in his swing again. I head up to my studio and Lucy joins me once the show goes off.

Any form of house work has been totally neglected this week. But I have made pretty good progress on a new piece I hope up display in Elkin on October 19th. Plus I have an idea for a series. That feels great and motivating!

I have lots of blog posts in my mind, but I also figured out my left hand really hurts from a combination of phone use and holding Oliver back from leaping out of my arms. Maybe they will make it to the page/screen soon.

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