This week at the Farmer’s Market

I could not resist snapping a picture of these beautiful zinnias yesterday at our local farmer’s market. This was my first trip to the market since starting my class. And it certainly felt like fall.

A few of the regular vendors were not there, as well as most of the summer crowd. But I wasn’t going to let a little drizzle and predicted gusts of wind keep me away. Besides, the slow sales resulted in a couple of surprises. The mushroom lady gave me a couple of extra shrooms and the smaller basil plants were a dollar off.

Other than that I picked up a couple of ears of corn, green beans, peaches, and my favorite, the little balls of fresh mozzarella and yogurt with a touch of honey. All for less than $30.

I didn’t feel quite as desperate for the farmer’s market with the recent opening of our yet-to-be-named Safeway at 5th & L. We visited opening night and I was so happy I thought I might explode. I greeted everyone I knew with a huge smile. I even spoke to one of my fellow poll workers, whom I had met the week before. Talk about a crazy cast of characters! I also saw Dave and Lily walking down the cereal aisle from afar. I chased them down just to say hi. I also told them about Leah, who says “community” every time she sees someone she knows in the neighborhood.

So I am extremely thankful for Safeway. I love their fresh bread. And I know where to go to get a loaf of bread shaped like an alligator, if I ever need one. (Maybe for the “Represent Your Favorite Sports Team” Building Social for Henry? Go Gators!) And it is so nice (and environmentally friendly) to shop for the week instead of hoarding up a bunch of food to only find tons of fruit rotten a few days later. Yes, I felt alive, like I finally lived in a real residential area with a fuller understanding of my actual neighbors all around me.

But I can’t forget about the small shop at 5th & I, which we affectionately refer to as Mama K’s. And I definitely value the freshness always found at the farmer’s market at 8th & E. Nothing compares to a fresh caprese salad with local tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. In fact, that’s pretty much all I have eaten for my last three meals. Yum!

So I’m off to share this with the Farmer’s Market Report. Check out what’s on sale in your neck of the woods.

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