This Sunday Morning

This Sunday Morning by carolinearmijo
This Sunday Morning, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Ollie had his best night last night. He has certainly slept for longer stretches, but last night we seemed to be in a nighttime rhythm that works for both of us. Plus it didn’t take an hour to get him to latch. Finally! So even though we were up, neither of us ended up frustrated.

Granted Big Sis woke us at 3:15, which I was not very excited about. But she probably helped wake us up. I love that I can send her back upstairs to her dad!

Lucy woke us up again at 9:30ish. We had another Lucy-free feeding at 6:30. So I think I’m going to be blessed with longer sleep stretches with this child, unlike my first who ran me ragged. I am so happy.

We enjoyed CBS Sunday Morning, aka Mom’s TV Movie. Then Lucy held the baby briefly. At my most recent feeding, I also helped Lucy feed my Cabbage Patch Premie circa 1985. I even showed her the signature on the baby’s bottom. I hope she doesn’t get any ideas! Now we are just waiting to meet Uncle for lunch so that Henry can grade his exams in peace.

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