This has never happened before

For a brief period of time today, I had two sleeping children in my house during daylight hours. I tried to put away all of those accumulated items in their correct place before Oliver woke up. I started but didn’t finish the dissemination of stuff.

Lucy woke up with a fever in the middle of the night. She got in the bed with me and was on fire. She has had a fever very few times, so I am always alarmed when she is really hot. We went to the doctor and, as usual, she was symptom free once we arrived. So… The doctor told me what to watch for and when to come back, which is Friday if her fever isn’t gone.

She came home, played quietly, ate a prescribed popscicle and a little lunch. Then she told me that she was cold. Before I could give her anything for her fever, she was asleep. She requested that the blanket covered her with the pink side up. I offered her my bed, but she said no. Okay.

I am really hoping that a) Lucy feels better and b) I can get through my TPAs (Temporarily Put Away) bins this week (or today)! I am hoping to fully resolve the transition into a four-person household this week. For me that involves purging. Here’s hoping that actually happens.

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