This Explains Everything

Henry did some masterful driving yesterday. We made it back to the Manchester airport with only a few minutes to spare. When the TSA guy told me he was going to test Lucy’s baby food, I told him to keep it. We had less than 20 minutes before our plane took off for DC. Fortunately, there were several flight cancellations and we were delayed boarding. I thought we would be the last to board the plane, but in fact we were the first. Only because of Lucy.

But it came with a cost. $8 a gallon in fact. We did not have time to fill up the tank of our rental car before returning it. What was a three and a half hour drive from Belfast to Manchester stretched to over five. Good thing we didn’t dally. I promised Henry that the price of gas was much cheaper than another night in a hotel and all of the other associated costs.

Today’s lunch with This American Life is all about rest stops. And the running story line is a rivalry for sales between a New York rest stop with the Kennebunkport rest stop in Maine. Our only stop yesterday. Same weekend one year earlier. Aghhh… the traffic. Fortunately, we did not have tornado warnings like they did the year before. Just a slight rain.

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