The Sky is Falling

If you live in DC, then you are well aware that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. The area is carpeted with people handing out brochures. There was also an interesting story on this morning’s Weekend Edition on NPR with Scott Simon. The story made me realize that there may be a jump in unemployment on May 22nd, if in fact the Rapture does not occur the day before. And I hope that people will seriously start putting money away in their 401Ks or just in the bank period.

As more and more people approach me, I can say I have read the brochure. It involves a complicated math problem that adds up to 7000 or 70,000. I can’t remember which and I even like math. But I must say that I was not swayed by the argument. However if the Rapture does occur, I am ready. I even decided not to bet on the Kentucky Derby today just in case. I would hate to sabotage my chances of getting into Heaven over a silly horse race. Granted I have never placed a bet before that did not end in “you-I-beat-you.” Plus we are approaching ten days before Henry and I have been married for ten years. I requested that we not fight a single time in the next ten days. That should also fall in my favor, if we can pull it off.

Until then, we can share the story of Chicken Little with Lucy thanks to Tyler Hansbrough. Henry called the Indiana Pacers phone line over dinner one night this week so that we could hear him declare “the sky is falling” as part of the Call-A-Pacer Program.

My dad is obsessed with us videoing members of our family reading to Lucy. I have videoed several people so far and promise to create a page of videos. But I love this idea of recording the audio so that Lucy can read along with the physical book while she listens to the people read. Mariah presented this idea as part of the Playful Learning Spaces eCourse. This could be so easy to complete if you have an iPhone. (And possibly other smart phones.) There is a voice memo recorder on your phone. Hit record and start reading. Just be sure to label it once you are finished.

I thought that I could get really fancy and take pictures of the pages to create an iMovie for my iPhone. But then I realized that is actually the Scholastic Video Collection. We have a couple of these DVDs and they are great. Not the whole bundle, but I wish that I had grabbed it at Costco when I was pregnant. We go back and forth between reading the books and watching the videos. Lucy loves them.

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