The Prettiest Mule

Every morning, I write in my journal three pages. Sometimes I follow-up with a quick poem by Hafiz, the Great Sufi Master. I open up The Gift and allow luck/chance to find the words I need to hear right now. It’s kind of like a yellow paperback fortune cookie. I am always amazed at how the words seem to illustrate my life in a beautiful lyrical fashion. Check out following poem, which is one of the 250 beautiful love songs Hafiz wrote to God.

The Prettiest Mule

Sometimes a mule does not know
What is best for itself.

When the mind is confused like that
It secretly desires a master
With a skilled whip

To guide it to those playgrounds
On the earth’s table
Where the Sweet One’s light has
Made life more tasty.

Hafiz always carries such a whip
But I rarely need to use it.

I prefer just turning myself into
The prettiest mule
In Town

And making my tail sing
Knowing your heart will then

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