The Mercedes Returns Home

We are in North Carolina for the week, and I’ll be in Clemson, SC on Monday for the US Play Coalition’s Conference, but thinking about Downtown DC Kids’ Pop-Up Play Event next weekend. Dad is back in DC, working on hearings and pleadings. But the real action is in Tampa, FL, where after several years of Dad’s (and others’) hard work, the sunken Spanish Navy Ship the Mercedes is headed back to Spain.

For a summary of the Mercedes’ long history, including her sinking in the 1800s and the associated legal wrangling over the remains taken from her underwater gravesite, click here. The team of artifact specialists from Madrid have been hard at work. Apparently, the movers have been tickled; it seems they’ve found moving palettes of buckets filled with gold and silver coins to be more interesting than their usual stoves and refrigerators.

The Mercedes set sail in 1804; it will finally complete its voyage to Spain next week. Congratulations Dad (and Jim and Jose too)!

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