The Last Day of Summer

The Last Day of Summer by carolinearmijo

That’s right. Kindergarten starts on Monday. And we survived, dare I say, thrived this summer as a family unit. I think in part because we didn’t try to achieve too much. I think Lucy is so ecstatic because she watched more TV than she could have ever dreamed. And it still wasn’t enough.

Today we visited Biscuitville with Ziggy and Milla. Lucy was upset that we didn’t go to Jimmy John’s, her absolute favorite, but Lauren’s kids were down for anything. How did my child become so picky? That’s not who she as for the first three years of her life. I hope the adventurous eating three-year old will return to me when she is right. At least, Lucy is always talking about all of the things that she is going to do when she is eight. I finally told her not to wish her life away.

We were so excited to play with Ziggy and Milla this morning. They last visited two years ago. Lucy and I have debating the phrase "Long time, no see." She insists that it is "No time, no see." For Oliver, that was true. At almost sixteen months, he isn’t really a baby anymore. I hope Milla wasn’t disappointed. I think they had fun.

As for Oliver, yes, he is walking. He is running, climbing and talking. I have no idea what he is saying. But he totally understands everything we say to him. Yesterday I lined three pairs of shoes for him at a shoe store and asked him which one he wanted. He jumped out of the stroller and grabbed the blue and red pair. It sounded like he said, "those." He ran off to play and I could not get him to even look at the shoes a second time.

Then tonight I told him that I wanted him to hold the Cookie Monster little people figure while I changed his diaper. He grabbed it and hopped on the changing pad. Then as I tried to change him, he twisted and turned like normal. But I was floored that he did exactly as I asked.

Oliver is much more complicit than Lucy. He takes only one-thousandth of the coaxing. I can easily take his hand and walk straight out of a large store. That never, ever happened with Lucy. Granted he appears to be more destructive and probably very normal for a little boy. He loves to roar. My origami globe may not survived his grasp.

As for our summer recap, we went to DC twice, Florida twice (home and a work vaca), Chapel Hill a few times and other places around the state. A few trips to Danbury for my art show. We spent a lot of time at home preparing for the show, off to DC, and then immediately recovering from Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It was nice not feeling so rushed during our time at home. The last week or so, we spent going out for special treats before school starts. And that has worn me out. I’m ready for kindergarten.

After hanging out in Lucy’s new classroom at Open House, our jitters have subsided. Here’s to new beginnings!

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