The Kingdom of God is like…

After a week of pretty late nights, I am pleased to announce I have published my first book via Blurb. The Kingdom of God is a follow-up to the photography exhibit I installed at Calvary a couple of weeks ago. Let me just add that using Jesus as a tag feels really wrong. I am not sure why.

Once I figured out a few kinks, I discovered that Blurb is completely addictive. I am looking forward to publishing more books in the near future.

What made it easy was having the great writing and images of everyone who contributed to the book. I think for my first publishing venture, it is a really solid book. The personal essays are quite moving and inspiring. Plus there are a couple of pictures of Lucy, so the grandparents will be receiving one for Christmas.

Order now so that you can receive 20% off before the promotion ends tomorrow night at midnight. Like a pumpkin.

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