The Icing on the Cake

Henry and I both agree that being featured on a postage stamp would be one of the closet things for any artist to accomplish. And now I can say that I know someone featured on a postage stamp, which is the next best thing!

Major kudos to Peter, our neighbor and creator of PeterBakes, for this delicious design. I know a couple of upcoming brides out there. I think that it would be great to say that they know the person who created the cake on their envelope.

Be sure to check for the current rate schedule. The stamp rate went up this past Monday, May 11th. I would hate for anyone to buy a lot of stamps to learn that you needed additional postage on the side. But the lovely cake maybe worth a small stamp on the side.

I just want to add that Peter was the very first neighbor I met in the building and he invited us up for dinner on the roof when he found out we were sweltering in an apartment without a/c. Hard to believe that was almost four years ago. Kyle is pretty lucky! (And vice versa!)

Congratulations, Peter!

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