The Happy List

Yesterday I ran across Sunday School Rebel’s happy list. The blog entry prompted me to write up my own list. I started collecting a list in Word and added to it throughout the day. I want to also add that this list is in no particular order, nor is it comprehensive. I plan to be adding to it for a long time.

1. Reality TV shows that are based on creativity, like Project Runway and Top Chef
2. Working for myself and with Eris
3. Walking around the National Mall in the morning
4. Taking millions of pictures – especially of kids (I love this little boy from Madrid)
5. Spending time in my studio
6. Cooking with Henry
7. Creative homemade Halloween costumes
8. Having Christmas Eve and morning at my mom’s house
9. The new nibbed fountain pen I bought in Oxford
10. Lily Allen’s Allright, Still – This CD is coming to the US in January. You can’t listen to it while driving around your kiddies. But trust me, this is the next female anthem album, a la The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill from 1998.
11. Listening to my Grandmother’s stories
12. Helping people get organized
13. Hearing stories about how I might have triggered someone to be more creative
14. Looking at old family photos
15. Traveling to new places – Canada was my tenth country for the year. I am guessing that this is a banner year.
16. Huge leaves on the ground during the fall
17. Dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas – beautiful fresh flowers
18. Seeing Tinguely’s Head on YouTube – I really wanted to visit this site in France. Then someone emailed it to me last week as a response to the Tinguely video I took at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.
19. Hearing my mom laugh
20. The serendipity of movies arriving from Netflix that relate to what’s going on in my life
21. Jumping on trampolines
22. Biting off the sides of Kit-Kats and separating the wafer into pieces
23. Popcorn popped on top of the stove – Popcorn even prompted a paper in graduate school.
24. Making mix cds
25. Checking out an absurd amount of new books from the library

Tag, you’re it. What’s yours?

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  1. Sam

    Fabulous job! Last night I watched Top Chef and really enjoyed it – don’t you think that one guy looks like Wolverine? I think it’s the hair.

    These lists really are a window into someone’s life. Yours is fascinating!

  2. the Rab

    i need to work on a happy list. i love lists.

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