That’s not a paci

That's not a paci

That's not a paci

That's not a paci

This morning we said goodbye to Henry. He is on a flight to London despite the British Airways strike yesterday. He is speaking at a conference about his Rwanda paper and judging a moot court in Oxford where he studied after his clerkship. We are already looking forward to his return on Sunday night. Plus we are looking forward to seeing Grams and Grandaddy on Friday morning.

Today I gave Lucy a few raspberries. Seems they reminded her of her paci. She placed one on her thumb like she holds her paci. She slung it around. All went well until she eventually wiped some in her eyes. The alphabet pasta went over much better, as always.

I can’t promise, but I believe she said mama and ball today. Probably not, but since we were playing with balls, she may have. Plus she said mama as she begged to get out of her playpen. I popped that thing out as soon as Henry left.

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  1. jennifer

    I hear you Lucy! Raspberries are delicious! We want you back in NC ASAP.

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