Tech Support

Tech Support

It’s the day after Christmas and Lucy has spent the morning providing tech support to her Grandaddy. He has talked about the Sirius Stilletto 2 for years now. Thankfully Santa finally listened.

Lucy has so many new toys and new clothes now, we hope she can make it back to Washington. She even receieved a new car seat. What a big girl!

We are sad to say that our trip to Florida has been postponed until MLK weekend. Grandma Merritt passed away at 11 pm on Christmas Eve.

We are very happy to share that we had a final visit with her the day before Christmas Eve, which we all really enjoyed. Grandma loved our Armijo family visit, which pepped her back up a little. Grandma also had many other visits from all of her children and grandchildren, which she enjoyed as well.

A poetic ending, Christmas Eve was always THE night in our family traditions. Although it doesn’t have quite the same energy it once had, we still gather together for a family meal. Over the years the younger families have taken on their own traditions closer to their respective homes. I like to think that it was like all the other years where we all went home, and it was time for her to rest, and she just went to sleep.

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  1. carolinagirl

    Oh C…I am so sorry to hear this news. I will be thinking about you all for the days to come! I hope the New Year brings you all much peace and happiness!

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