Sunday Outing: DC United vs Real Madrid

Henry scored last minute tickets to the Real Madrid exhibition game.
We briefly considered flying his dad up from South Florida. Good thing
we didn’t because I’m not sure he could have handled the heat nor the
two mile walk from the car to our seats.

By the time we arrived, people were starting to trickle out. One guy
was looking for his sister, who suffered from a heat stroke. But we
managed to make it our seats in time to enjoy a lemonade and cool Lucy
off with a wet washcloth. She enjoyed the end of the match with her
motherland beating her hometown zero to three.

We took advantage of the air-conditioned club level and hung out for
an hour afterwards. We all ate before making our way back to the car.
Fortunately I brought a bottle to maximize both mine and Lucy’s
hydration. We tried to take pictures of her in the stands. But the
best is this one in front of Johnny Rockets. Look at that smile.

I’ll post more pictures on Flickr once I make my way to the computer.

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1 Comment

  1. Being Shrimanker

    I love this picture, it is adorable. Did Alex tell you we were watching this game at the party on Sunday?

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