Such a good sleeper

Lucy is a great sleeper. Since we have stopped waking her, she
generally sleeps til about 4:30. My mom promises that I would sleep
for twelve hours. So I’m hoping that once she is able to eat more, she
will sleep longer.

When she wakes up in the morning, I will take her back to bed and we
will sleep in. This morning she was a little fussy after a few hours
of snoozing, but that is the first time ever. I seriously think that
she would rather sleep next to me than anything else. It’s like having
your own little baby doll. Granted if it’s been a while since eating,
she will become hysterical after I change her diaper and act as if I
have never fed her before.

Tonight I put on her pjs and covered up her little hands. I am certain
that she probably hates this because she loves her hands. They are
quite long and delicate. My mom thinks that they are Watts hands. When
she was first born, all of her nails were the perfect length. They
were gently rounded and looked well manicured. I suggested to my mom
that we find the man at the beach who writes your name on rice. We
should have him paint a little dragon on one of her nails. She did not
like that idea.

One of my favorite moments with Lucy is when she is falling asleep.
She often has her eyes slightly open and they roll back in her head.
At first this was unnerving to see her eyes roll around and cross. But
she makes the sweetest and funniest faces as she dreams. She puckers
her lips, smiles, and makes a few Henry and Antonio faces all in the
matter of a minute.

I have made a little video, but I still haven’t made it to upload my
videos and pictures from my camera onto the Internet. Instead I go for
easy and blog for my iPhone. It’s with me all the time. It’s great for
blogging while pumping, on mass transit, and while breast feeding.
Rumor has it, the new iPhone features video. Maybe if there are enough
Lucy fans out there, we can take up a collection for an upgrade.
Otherwise, I’ll eventually post the video.

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