Stroller Story Part 2: Meet the StrollerQueen

As I said in my comments from Stroller Story Part 1, the StrollerQueen is amazing. She knows her stuff and definitely earned her $35 with the countless emails we exchanged. Before I knew it, I have five lengthy emails from her, plus a long list of strollers she was testing THAT week. After several exchanges (which I will describe in Part 3), I had to ask how she got into her stroller obsession. I don’t believe that is too strong of a word in this case. I asked her for a bio, as follows in her own words:

But basically, I am a television journalist who is obsessed with all things strollers. It all started with the birth of the first Stroller Prince. Stroller Princess refused to abdicate her throne, so my search for a decent double began. All I wanted was something that fully reclined, could get through doorways, and was easy to push and fold. That’s all I required. I was amazed that something this simple was so hard to find. I literally has to scour the world searching.

Whenever I could, I would weigh and measure strollers myself, because I discovered that most manufaturers and retailers didn’t provide the stats. And if they did, they were way off. I also designed the “Strollerqueen Obstacle Course”, where I tested strollers myself in real-world situations–i.e. how they handled sidewalk cracks, bricks, grass, mud, while steering with one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other. How much spilled on me was a good barometer of maneuverability, lol! Strollerprince was also a natural nighttmare child. He would climb in himself, and I would note how stable it was. He would then shake it vigorously, and I would note if it would tip over. Then he would attempt to unbuckle the harness, and I would time how long it took him to work his way out.

My compulsive quest became a blog, before the term blog was coined. This was in 2001. It was called “Adventures in Strollerland.” People found it, and began asking me for advice. Then the Media discovered it. And before knew it, I was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Then the New York Times, CBS Early Show, BBC, Today Show, and various other newspapers, magazines, and books.

In the beginning I tried to help everyone. But then more and more emails came pouring in. 100, 200, 250…And they would all start the same way…”I am DESPERATE! PLEASE help me! My husband is threatening to divorce me if I don’t choose a stroller and be done with it…” I would lie in bed awake at night and feel guilty that I couldn’t answer all of my emails. There just wasn’t enough hours in a day. And even the ones I did help always had follow-up questions, and lots of them. Finally I realized that the number of emails would go down if I started charging. Then I would be able to spend time helping the people who truly needed help.

Every year, I also attend what I have dubbed “The Great Stroller Roll-Out!” in Las Vegas. This is where manufacturers unveil the latest models for the upcoming year. No one had ever covered this before for the general public. But, since my profession pre-baby was reporting, I approached it in the same manner–i.e. interviewing the CEO’s, asking the hard questions, getting lots of pictures from different angles. I then write about it all, upload all the pictures, and publish an online magazine.

Strollerpince became of an age where he no longer wished to be my prime tester. So it was all about to come to an end, and I was going back into TV. But then, Strollerprince 2.0 decided to make his entrance into the world, and the chant “Four more years”, “Four more years” resounded over Strollerland. So my reign has been extended.

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  1. carolinagirl

    OMG – she is a hoot!

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