Still small

We went to the doctor yesterday for a series of skin ailments. Goodbye
Burt’s Bees and hello Selsun Blue. Lucy has a barely noticeable amount
of cradle cap, which I accidentally call cradle crap over and over

Plus she has eczema. This was the exact reason I gave up dairy, oh,
almost ten weeks ago. Remember on Monday when I mentioned falling in
love with the sesame-covered almonds at Kim’s shower? Well, that’s a
pretty good sign that I shouldn’t be eating it. I felt a twinge of
nausousness when I left the party. Granted I didn’t eat much of
anything else. Then on Sunday I bought a box of almond macaroons at
Whole Foods. So the little red spots in the folds of her elbows have
expanded to little patches all over her trunk. She looks a bit like
her newly discovered friend, Georgia the Giraffe.

I told the doctor I had already given up dairy. She smiled and nodded.
"You should give up nuts and eggs, too." I can’t remember if she said
nuts or peanuts. But considering my recent almond obsession, I am
going to start there. I’m hanging on to the eggs for now. I’ve been
eating them all along and this seems to be a recent flare-up. And I’m
holding on to the Oreos, which are vegan. Thank God!

I spent the morning greasing her up, including rubbing some organic
olive oil in her hair. Good thing Henry remembered to buy some when we
went to Whole Foods. How am I going to take along olive oil to
Chicago? Maybe we will find restaurants with a litle oil on the table
and I can sneak a dip then.

When we left, I was sure to check her weight, which is 10.5 pounds. As
soon as I returned home, I compared notes to her two-month check up.
At that time she was 9 pounds 4 ounces. I was certain that she was
eleven or twelve pounds. Maybe that was because I tried to weigh her
by weighing myself and holding her. Obviously that didn’t work. So I
was sure to calculate her percentages to make sure she is gaining
enough weight. I didn’t use the same calculator as last time, but I
compared her weight at one, two and three months. Her percentages were
first, sixth and eighth respectively. At least she’s gaining
percentage-wise. That’s enough for me. When I thought she would never
wear all of those tiny baby clothes, I was dead wrong.

Now I need to figure out what to pack for Chicago. Not only will it be
Lucy’s first flight, but her first night in the fifties. I hope she
will enjoy it as much as we will. We will send lots of updates from
our trip.

I’m also excited about my new iPhone app, QuadCamera, which takes a
series of photos with the click of a button. How fun. Maybe a flip
book is in the future.

Happy Birthday, Sherri!

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  1. EliseBlaha

    oh baby lucy!
    I had to use selsen blue for awhile when I had a skin flair up, worked like a charm.
    keep us posted!

  2. Such a great site, thank you for this.

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