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This summer, several people sent me the link to the July 5th New Yorker article by Rebecca Mead. Unfortunately I didn’t save the article, but there is a great discussion about the merits of today’s play grounds with Mead online. To read what she wrote, you have to subscribe. Or head to your library.

Two of the featured highlighted programs in the article are DC’s own Kaboom! and Imagination Playground, which is essentially a free-form playground in a box. Look at the two of them have created together.

What is Imagination Playground? from Imagination Playground on Vimeo.

This looks like something that is pretty manageable with out having to pour a lot of concrete. Really exciting! I see the major drawback, beyond where are we going to put the playground, as who would be our playground attendant? Who would wheel the cart out each day? Would that limit the time kids could play?

But this concept of a portable playground is really exciting and a lot of people are talking. I am sure that all of these press links to lead to countless more ideas about ways our kids can play.

Last week, I found a CBS Sunday Morning clip featuring Susan Solomon discussing playgrounds. Perhaps kids don’t really need that complicated of a design for a playground. (I wish I could find the clip!) These are Solomon’s tips to creating a good playground. Check out some of her favorite playgrounds.

Really, kids just need a safe (enclosed) space to learn how to play and negotiate with their peers. And hopefully get so exhausted that they sleep all night long. And have fun. Of course.

We will see what tonight brings. Our first meeting starts at 6 pm. Perhaps we will start planning for the 2011 Kaboom video contest?

Join us at Calvary to let us know what you would like to see.

Learn more about the growing movement to create a play space in Downtown DC.

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