stages of decorating

We are decorating in stages. Sort of like my approach to gift giving – Christmas here, NC pre-Henry, NC post-Henry, Florida. That’s why my gift list was cut way short this year. Plus throw in a baby and a solo flight. Whew. We have a lot to look forward to in the next two weeks.

This video is of stage one when I first showed Lucy the tree. Since she isn’t mobile yet, I’ve decided to put it on the floor next to the exersaucer instead of up on a table like we have in the past. This morning I added more decorations, but the breakable ornaments and wreaths are still strewn everywhere. Henry skipped the corporate Christmas party to hang out with us. So I’m hoping we can find a TV channel with 24 hours of Christmas cartoons and finish this half-finished projects.

Good thing we had a long nap today. I think I just caught my second wind. I’ve decided I am just going to have to follow the old adage “sleep when she sleeps” if I am going to survive. Hence the lack of blogging and socializing last week. But I am going to try my best to post some pictures to my Flickr photostream with little L shrieking behind me. Her dad is not so found of her new-found voice. To me, anything is better than whining. And she loves it when you shriek back.

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