Song of Expectation

Tomorrow I am supposed to present a song of expectation for the final week of Advent. (Well, I think that it is the final week.) I don’t have any idea what I am going to say yet. But I was selected because I am expecting. So I am sure I will say something about that.

My original selection was Three is a Magic Number from Sesame Street. But I had to quickly rule is out because the song covers the multiplication tables of three, you guessed it, three times.

My second criteria was that the song was short. It is always a little awkward to sit through a long song in a service like that. Especially with all of the pressure of it being MY song, my increased elevation of hormones, and previous my history of crying regardless of the occasion as long as it included music and ceremony. So I went through based on the length of time and found a great little number: This Will be Our Year by The Zombies.

I feel a little awkward about being responsible for having “The Zombies” printed in the bulletin. So whatever I say has to be good. At least the timing of the song is relevant to the New Year.

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