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I really try to use my office space. It is clean, organized, inspiring. The perfect place to work with one very important exception… I do not have an office chair. So I have been using a large aerobic ball. It is half flat and my arms are raised outstretched in a ergonomically incorrect position. And yes, it is painful. Other than my shoulders tensing up, my feet frequently fall asleep from gripping the floor for balance. Hmmm… There is an easy remedy – a chair. But they are actually really hard to find. I want something that could work throughout our home. I love mixing different styles. I usually justify buying something if I really love it.

I have had my eye on this beautiful Eames leather chair. I really love the apple green. I would prefer the side chair without the arm rests, but I do not like the color selection. I want a fun bright color like the apple or orange. Either style is a little pricey, but a new chair might be the perfect bribe to keep me sitting at my desk all day instead of ending up in the leather chair working in front of the TV. It is a great way to keep current on pop-culture, but it doesn’t always boost my productivity.

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  1. hoogrrl

    I am sitting in my apple green eames chair right now and it is tres comfortable! Indulge yourself! It’s worth it!

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