Silent Auction Drama

Silent Auction Drama

On Saturday night, Henry and I left Lucy with Kat and headed out on a date. Well, it was actually a client event. The biannual Ivymount Silent Auction. We weren’t staying for dinner, but Henry promised that we would come for the silent auction. Little did he know that I have a problem with auctions. (Except for online auctions… I have actually never bought anything from EBay.)

But it was for a good cause and there were lots of blank bid pages, so I decided to get things rolling. As soon as I walked in the door, I spotted this table and chair and the rocking elephant. I placed the opening bid on both. We continued browsing and bidding. I didn’t get too carried away, but I did realize I would never shop so carelessly. I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading reviews and comparing products. We don’t have room for a second item if the first one is just so-so. With that said, why would a teeny bike with no peddles make sense? Why would I want that? Why would I even bid on it? Then I almost placed a second bid on an iPod Shuffle at $15 OVER the retail price. I did hope that I would win a membership to the Museum of Women in The Arts for only $20. That would be amazing. Plus they are a strong supporter of book arts.

To my relief, I went back to the peddle-less bike to discover a couple standing nearby telling friends that they were grandparents. They had outbid me on the bike. Speaking of hovering, a woman was standing next to the little table and chair set. Pen in hand, she was clicking the top of her pen pacing around in circles. What was going on? I tried to keep my cool, but it felt a little dramatic. And maybe I was making all of this up in my head, but Henry was reinforcing these ideas that she was protecting her bid, as well. She stood in that same spot for at least half an hour.

I finally went back to the table and chairs and added a second bid. But that was it. I’m sure I could find a set somewhere for less. And I had just bought those plastic chairs from The Container Store, which Lucy uses with a clear nesting table from CB2. So what was it? The table does include a cute little drawer for her pens and pencils. Plus it has an attached fixture for a roll of paper. But why did I want to win? I guess it was the sport of it all. I love live auctions. They are my favorite. I have even made special trips home just to go to someone’s auction. I think it is a problem I inherited from my parents. They also get caught up in the spirit when really they shouldn’t have. Henry’s client walked by and I was introduced to her. The 7:30 close time was drawing near. People kept gathering and eyeing the table. Patting the red top and rocking the elephant in my admiration. And in the midst of our discussion, the auctioneer declared our little set sold and kept moving. I had no idea whose bid was left on top. She just kept moving. And the pen clicker was gone. Did I just make that up? Did Henry? Regardless it was fun. And we won.

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