Seven Months

flew by quickly…

Six months ended with Lucy’s first babysitters, Reagan and Rocky, which she seemed to enjoy. Hooray! I didn’t even worry about her. I looked down at my phone and realized I had four texts, only one of which I had seen earlier. Henry had instructed Rocky to text hourly. Oops! I knew that she would be fine because she knows both Reagan and Rocky. Plus they had easy access to a change of scenery by being able to go back and forth between our apartments. Lucy is extremely social and sweet. She is probably at her worst with me. So I was not concerned.

Sunday night’s babysitting was followed by an intro to a night of crying it out. Okay, it was just over thirty minutes. For some reason, I want to say 38 minutes, but that maybe when she stopped crying. She slept all night to begin seven months well rested.

Yesterday, we visited with both Amy and Leah, did a little shopping and napping. We ended the night with a photo shoot to celebrate seven months.

Her sleeping didn’t go as well the night before. We put her to bed asleep and then she woke up three times during the night. I let her cry through a couple of times (12:30 and 3:30), but feed her when she woke up around 5:30. Laura asked if I had a plan. No I am totally winging it. The first time she cried it out because I was on the phone with my dad. Sometimes he can be a tad bit repetitive. I’m guessing we are going to have work on this crying it out thing a little bit more than I hoped. But I guess doing it once will only make it easier.

We are pretty solid into solids now. Her foods include bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears and, as of today, avocados. She literally threw up the avocados out of disgust. I’ll try that one again tomorrow.

I think that Lucy has already discovered one of her gifts, which Santa left early thanks to Craigslist. We are slowly getting ready for Christmas here. I still have a lot to do, including cleaning up this little treasure. We did bake our first loaf of bread yesterday, which is totally unrelated to our Christmas preparations. Maybe I will sneak a loaf into my carry-on when Lucy and I fly out of Reagan to NC on Saturday afternoon.

This morning, I made a major decision regarding our flight. I am just taking the car seat and carrying her in my arms. Every flight has been an experiment so far. But I am going to try to avoid breaking down the stroller all together. She is a little easier now that she can hold herself up if need be, but I can’t just sit her down on the floor at the airport like I do in our bathroom. So I think that the car seat will suffice. With flying, I have found that less is more. I was pretty proud of my Thanksgiving packing and, even then, I packed too much.

So here is to a busy week. I am hoping that I will get some long overdue pictures up before we leave town.

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