Serious work

Serious work

Lucy loves these packs of stamps I have organized by color. Who knew when I packed them up a couple of years ago, she would love grabbing them, chewing on the plastic envelope and throwing them on the ground. So fun.

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  1. Sarah

    jed's a year older than L and he is still enjoying 'stuff in a bag.' I know you were looking for things to occupy her, and maybe you found it here… you can take stuff out and put stuff in and sometimes, edible stuff is in there, like cheerios… it's a pretty engaging toy, really.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    She loves the stamps! And I finally gave her the plastic box I keep them in. Loves that, too.

    Great ideas about the Cherrios. I haven't given her any yet, but I am thinking of getting some of those puffs. The bottle says she should be crawling, but I think she can handle them.

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