I was recently emailing with Kelly Love Johnson of Skirt! Magazine. She told me that one of her favorite drawings of mine is the little girl on the trampoline. I told her that it was my self-portrait.

In the summer of 2004, we were in DC and went to a block party in Tenleytown. It was at my mom’s cousin Hugh’s house. Outside they had a short trampoline about two or three feet high. While the kids were watching the puppet show, I jumped on the trampoline. I was so happy that I had tiny tears coming out of the corners of my eyes. I even had on a lavender shirt. It was so great! I think that I tried to make my mom feel guilty about not letting me have a trampoline when I was little. I bet that was the first time I had jumped on a trampoline in over ten years. I may be wrong about that, but close.

During middle school, we used to jump on Meredith and Amber Wall’s trampoline in the summer. We would often walk over from the pool to jump. Those times bring back memories of The Beastie Boys’ Brass Monkey. We had so much fun.

Last week Meredith and Amber’s grandmother died. Very sad. Granny and Papa were always so sweet to Alex and me. We felt like we were part of their extended family. It seems like yesterday when we were in Granny’s kitchen asking her a question. Best to Papa and the entire family.

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  1. Kelly Love

    I love that story, Caroline. It makes me want to buy a trampoline! How could anyone possibly be sad while jumping up and down?

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