Seeing Play Everywhere

I love this video. Can you tell what is happening? A mom is teaching her kids how to jump rope. They took advantage of yesterday’s gorgeous weather to spend some time out on the Mall. It reminded me of this video I captured at Montmarte in Paris in 2006.

So cute!

Technically there are a lot of places to play in DC. But they are usually busy. Really busy filled with people passing through from all over the world. I spend a lot of time trying to avoid being in peoples’ pictures everyday. There aren’t that many places where you weave down the sidewalk to be polite.

So play in DC is very foreign to me. I grew up playing in (freely roaming) Germanton with Sarah, where we knew everyone or on our five acres of land and in the surrounding community. Again where we knew everyone. I need to start thinking like this dad. Maybe they are tourists and the boys need a little activity to make it through a couple more churches. Or maybe they just dance everywhere they visit. Regardless I have been busy brainstorming ideas for play all around the city. I still believe there needs to be more opportunity for free play, which is important in childhood development. I just don’t think that my hovering is allowing Lucy to fully do her work, which is uninterrupted exploration and play.

I loved this report this morning on how a local group is helping to increase play in one DC neighborhood school. I can’t wait to learn more about Playworks and Alliance for Childhood, who is sponsoring Screen Free Week next week. Looking for more resources on the importance of play? Check this out.

Learn more about the growing movement to create a play space in Downtown DC.

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