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screen saver

This last week has been a little trying. I chalked it up to another developmental stage or Lucy missing all of the attention from her family in NC.

Last night was especially awful when we were up from 3:45 until 6:45 with lots and lots of tears. I thought maybe it was due to the long-awaited breakthrough of her sixth tooth. But almost exactly a month ago, I missed the arrival of her fifth tooth. So that was a little odd. Turns out she has her first ear infection. 

Welcome, love. I had many. So, so many. I even had tubes put in my ears when I was three. I can distinctly remember the nurses having a conversation on whether or not I should wear any underwear. In the end, I didn’t. I had no say. 

Fortunately there is now a vaccine against the unending trauma of ear infections. I hope that we will only suffer through a handful instead. What a relief to walk away from the doctor with a prescription instead of scratching our heads over why she is having so much trouble sleeping.

I have also been teaching crafts at Vacation Bible School (VBS) the last few days. Friday was great, after a hard week of being cooped up in the house hiding from the heat. Lucy loved the kids and music. And ALL of the attention. But the last two days she was a little less enthused. She was sleepy, but couldn’t fall asleep with so much to watch. I guess she was sick. 

Last week while I was preparing for my lessons, I couldn’t take the constant grabbing of my legs and crying. I needed to go to the bathroom for just one minute before leaving the apartment. All of a sudden, I realized that I could call Henry for a little virtual babysitting. He has two computer screens at work, so that he can work and make silly faces at the same time. Good thing we gave him a camera for Father’s Day so that he can Skype with us from work. Lucy loved it. This is a shot of Lucy that Henry took from his computer while virtual sitting.  My favorite screen saver. 

My cousin Kate is showing a current exhibit of for her art at 5ive&40rty. Her work was entirely created on the computer. In her artist statement, she said that she could not remember life before computers. Wow. I remember going to the library in groups of three to check out Oregon Trail. I guess Lucy won’t remember life before Skype. We are truly living in The Jetsons era. I am still hoping Rosie will show up next to the Christmas Tree. 

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