Scooting Around


At the beginning of the year, I decided we were all getting bikes. You can see this in the vision board I created on New Year’s Eve

As we got closer to my birthday, I received a copy of the MOMA catalog and saw the most beautiful Amish scooter. Hence why it is for sale in the MOMA catalog. I tore it out and placed it in the kitchen. I wanted this scooter. 

But then I did a little more research, like can I buy it elsewhere, maybe direct from an Amish family. But I was struck by a detail in the listing. It weighs 41 pounds. That’s what Lucy weighs after the stomach flu. And it triggered a memory I had from three years ago. 

I almost bought the scooter in the picture while were living in DC. I was afraid to ride Henry’s folding bike to the studio. Riding in the street makes me a little uncomfortable. And Downtown DC was too crowded for sidewalk riding.  I loved watching Lucy own her little scooter. Maybe that was the solution. 

So one weekend in New York, I spied a  lady pushing her scooter through Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. I said, “Can I ask you a question? Do you love your scooter?” Quite dramatically she replied, “It has changed my life. I love my scooter.” But we never made it over to NYCewheels for a test drive. And I decided it just wasn’t practical since we were moving to Greensboro. Where would I ride a scooter? 

Short answer: in my driveway with my kids. 

It is so much fun. 

And this weekend, Lucy and I rode our scooters to the playground and rode around on the basketball courts. 

As a professed playground advocate, I have to admit playgrounds are boring. Why? Because I’m not playing. And riding my scooter has changed that. And it has also changed the likelihood of me ever mopping my floor. It’s so much more fun to scoot around than clean. 

During March, I read the book Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray. I totally identified with her inability to receive. I have a hard time with this, which likely explains how Christmas lists have evolved into a science. And I can be painfully practical. I guess that comes from years of practical gifts. One year I received a Strawberry Shortcake trash can and a set of drinking glasses. 

So this gift was a practice in receiving. And I love it so much. Play matters, even for really big kids. 

This is hands down my favorite birthday present ever. Thank you to Henry, Lucy, Oliver, Mom and Dad. 

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