Scenes from NOLA: I found my Sweet Tooth

Scenes from NOLA: I found my Sweet Tooth

Two weekends ago, Henry and I headed to New Orleans for one of his conferences. I thought that I had lost this post, but I discovered it hidden in my drafts. Now that Rocky is headed to New Orleans, I thought I needed to post some recommendations just for him. 

When we first married many moons ago, I really hoped he had a career that included conferences I could attend. The time has finally come eleven years later. I must say, our first conference as a law professor was great. Although it was a little chillier than I expected. Like they say in Iceland, “The weather’s never bad, only the wardrobe.” I wish I had taken my down coat instead of my rain jacket.

Our first evening we walked to Cafe Du Monde after our oyster po boy from Cassamentos, which deserves its own blog post. (Soon to come from Henry.) Cafe Du Monde is known for its beignets. On close examination of their menu, beignets are their only food offering. The rest are beverages. And this photo documents the first time I have ordered a milk in a restaurant since it was mandatory that I drink it as part of our public school lunches.

With this pregnancy, I haven’t enjoyed sweets THAT much. If I had been more honest with myself, I probably would have recognized this sooner. And I probably would have figured out that I was having a boy instead of a girl strictly based on my cravings for meat and potatoes. Last time, I could barely finish a burger. At Christmas, I had to make myself swallow a piece of incredibly delicious coconut cake. It was so moist, but so so sweet!

So while we were at Cafe Du Monde, I opted to spare my blood sugar by skipping the hot chocolate. Plus my mom gave me some sage advice a month ago in my pregnancy – milk can help with calf pain during pregnancy. It worked for me then. (Granted calf pain also stems from dehydration and I have been methodical about my water lately.) I definitely recommend the milk with the beignets. Who needs extra sugar, when this is left on your plate?

Scenes from NOLA: I found my Sweet Tooth

Henry and I speculated that some people get a little creative and build sugar castles with all of the excess. I was lucky I didn’t choke from inhaling the sugar on the first bite. But they were delicious. Each serving includes three beignets, which we split.

Scenes from NOLA: I found my Sweet Tooth

The next morning I attempted to order more beignets at Cafe Beignet, which was featured in our guide book. But it was so chaotic that I left the block for table service. I just wanted to sit down out of the way to drink my coffee, write in my journal and resist eating too much before my noon lunch at Galatoire’s in less than an hour.

I found this beautiful stack of French Toast at Cafe Fleur de Lis. They were delicious. I only ate half, plus one more bite. I tried to order another serving of French Toast on Monday, only to be disappointed. If I were a total glutton, I would have insisted on a do-over, as Alex calls it. A second meal to make up for the first one.

Scenes from NOLA: I found my Sweet Tooth

Of course, there were other desserts on our trip, but the sweet that made me the happiest was a homemade cinnamon pop-tart from Velvet Espresso Bar. Thank you, Carol, for taking me there. It was almost a life-changing experience. I wonder if these treats can be shipped to me.

I was always a pop-tart fan! My faves are cinnamon and brown sugar and the frosted strawberry ones. I must admit I haven’t tried that many others. I will eat them hot or cold. But sometimes I eat them and think, ugh… I have been eating healthy food for too long. They just make me feel bad after my blood sugar plummets. 

But these homemade pop-tarts, well, I am almost inspired to write a sonnet. They taste like the best memory you have had of a pop-tart without an ounce of disappointment. Unlike the feeling I have after eating you the original. Maybe that’s because there is no corn syrup to bottom out my blood sugar.

Now that we are back, I’m going to try to suppress my memories of the beignets, French toast and pop-tarts until at least I pass my glucose test at 28 weeks. Let’s just move on, shall we?

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