Sarah and I would have SO made this!

I couldn’t decide between the above title or “Why didn’t we think of this?” The recycled newspaper hut even looks a lot like a scaled down version of the jungle gym we played on at Germanton Elementary thirty years ago. Okay, not quite thirty.

Instead we focused on other props for our huts, including chairs, cardboard boxes, leaves, wheat, trees, bushes… the list goes on. But I honestly can’t say that we ever used newspapers. Hmmm… Oh, and don’t forget Alex. I am sure that he would have helped us roll the paper tubes.

I wonder how Jed would react if she concocted a little hut and sat it over his little blue bouncer with him in it. I am going to guess that he would be smiling and think to himself, “I need to figure out a way to get into little spaces more often. Almost like being back in the womb!”

Ohhh… Mommy, I love it in here.

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  1. Sarah

    Ohmigosh! That’s so cool! I bet we would have tried to drape some sort of enclosing material (sheet, blanket, etc.) over it, but yes, Jed would totally dig it.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Yes! There is another picture of the kids from inside of the hut with a blanket on top…

    This blog entry also includes photo detail how to make it… just in case you are bored this evening.

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