Ready for Halloween

Maybe this person missed their calling for creating window displays.
Seems as if they are ready for Halloween. I must return for future

We spotted this window while walking with Ike and Laura from The
Source to Central last Friday night. For a closer look, visit the
north side of Pennsylvania Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets NW. From
what I gathered this is part of DC’s District Attorney’s Offices. Yes,
it looks like someone’s actual desk, who actually cleaned up and
inserted a witch to guard their chair over the weekend.

I just finished watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. With just a
small bowl of leftover Halloween candy from last year, I’m afraid I
don’t forsee a lot of celebrating. Although I may be surprised.

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  1. julie

    i know exactly which desk you’re talking about and have walked by it a few times throughout the year myself. yes, it is ALWAYS decorated appropriate to the season. last time i saw it there was a summer beach scene set out. quite interesting!

  2. Caroline Armijo


    I thought they were pretty dedicated to even have the indoor/outdoor carpet precisely cut.

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